Many orthotic companies today offer pre-fabricated orthotics or what they like to call 'customized orthotics', which are nothing more than a prefabricated shell of the patient's size, taken from a shelf and lined with a variety of top covers of your choosing. This helps neither the patient nor your reputation as a practioner, particularly when they don't help. We will not use anything prefabricated.

ALL orthotics are custom fabricated on a biomechanically corrected plaster cast, poured from a neutral positioned negative impression taken from the patient's foot. Impressions are then corrected to the doctor's instructions. The materials of your choice are then heated and vaccuum pressed to the corrected cast. Postings (intrinsic or extrinsic) are added and modifications are made according to the prescription. Finished orthotics are then covered with the top cover of your choice, and are made to the hightest pedorthic standards.

The price does not change depending on style and/or options you want as it does at other manufacturers. Specialty orders are also available at differing costs and would be discussing with you ahead of time and being a Canadian company, there is no worry of the price fluctuating with the exchange rates.